About Us

Country Traditions offers the largest selection of Premium Quality Frozen Foods at the lowest possible prices, guaranteed. We have your meal for any occasion: frozen fruits, vegetables, poultry, beef, pork, seafood, appetizers, bakery items, desserts and meals made easy.

What You can Expect

freezer_racks_4You will always see new and exciting products. At Country Traditions we believe in providing high quality products at prices everyone can afford. We also believe in leading the industry – not following. Come in to our retail outlet at at 112 Industrial Blvd. in Napanee to check our incredible selection. Remember: we stock your favourites, but we are always searching for new products and special offers, so sign up for our Loyalty Program so you don’t miss out. The program entitles you to great prices on exclusive limited time offers.

Day after day we beat our competition on every product we stock. Name brands that you have come to know and love can be found throughout our store at prices you may not even believe possible.

Did You Know?

The best, safest and most natural way of preserving food is by freezing! Food kept at a minimum temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit will last for years and taste great.

For safety and great flavour make sure you store frozen foods properly. Here’s how:

  • We highly recommend storing all frozen food in cardboard boxes. Boxes help prevent freezer burn and the growth of snow crystals. Cardboard blocks light, which can discolor food, and absorbs moisture to prevent frosting.
  • Keep your food cold from our freezers to yours. For best results place your frozen foods in a cooler for the trip home.
  • Use our products within 6 to 8 months of purchase. Although the food remains 100% safe to eat after 1 year the nutritional value may decrease.

A Little History

Country Traditions is a locally owned and operated family business that is proud to serve our friends and neighbors in the Napanee area as well as customers from as far away as Toronto and Ottawa.

The business started as door-to-door sales of frozen fruits and vegetables. After 8 months of knocking on doors the business opened a storefront on May, 12 1994 on Richmond Boulevard in Napanee.

With many years of hard work and reinvestment, Country Traditions has grown to be one of the largest independently owned frozen food stores in Canada.We now operate from our new 18,000 square foot warehouse, freezer, retail store.

We have become famous for our one shot deals! These are products that have been offered to us at unbelievable prices. They may have been over-produced, discontinued, or they may be slight imperfections. We decide what we sell. A deal is only good if the product is great! We may be offered 10 deals a day, by our suppliers, but only one may meet our strict standards.

freezer_racks_2Country Traditions prides itself on being able to find the best quality and value for our customers

We source the absolute highest quality products available. Because we are independently owned and operated we choose what we believe are the best quality products and we listen to our customers to make sure they agree.

Our products are never temperature abused. Our system operates at an optimal temperature at all times. This is why our products always look and taste “fresher than the rest.”